The Deuce (HBO)


The Deuce (HBO) – Premieres 10th September – Renewed

Drama set in early 70’s that depicts the legalisation and rise of the porn industry in New York. The show follows Vincent a bar manager who is having to pay his twin brothers gambling debt back to the mob. Candy, one of the few prostitutes working without a pimp, CC and Larry Brown, two pimps who use violence to control their stable of women, and Abby a feminist college student who after getting arrested buying drugs, befriends Vincent.

The first episode is an incredibly slow paced affair that is used to set up all the main characters though barely anything of note occurs. And for no real story progression to happen in an hour and half that becomes a bit of a grind to get through and doesn’t give you much urge to watch the next episode.



Dare to Live (MTV)


Dare to Live (MTV) – Premieres 29th August

Music videographer Rory Kramer meets up some musicians he’s working for, then on their day off from gigging takes them out and about the area doing some borderline reckless shenanigans.

The activities that Rory sets up are mostly doing stuff loosely linked on the persons fear along with doing a few other things as he tries to get them to push their boundaries.

It’s pretty mundane viewing.


Love Blows (WE TV)


Love Blows (WE TV) – Premieres 25th August

Reality white noise that is focused on the dating agency LuvBiz, a company run by a divorced couple who employee their children, the former husbands ex-mistress and a couple of other folk.

Apart from the 15 seconds of them actually doing their jobs it’s pretty much 45 minutes of arguing, shouting, arguing while shouting and general meddling which leads to the aforementioned arguing and shouting.

It’s a less a programme and more an instrument of torture.


Disjointed (Netflix)


Disjointed (Netflix) – Premieres 25th August – Cancelled

A Chuck Lorre sitcom that is set in a weed dispensary, where the owner Ruth has just employed her son to help run the shop, but he has plans in turning the store into a franchise much to his mothers reluctance. The stores other stoned employees are then quizzed on whether the shop should expand or are roped in to make a few online adverts.

It’s like the weed answer to Superior Donuts while containing all the laughs of The Ranch. It is most unenjoyable.


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy)


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy) – Premieres 22nd August

A competition where four special effect make up artists, who have previously appeared on Face Off, go up against each other to win $10k.

The four are whittled down through three rounds, the first where they are given a prosthetic body part which is incorporated into a character they have to create within 90 minutes. At the end of the round the three judges decide who performed the worst and boot them out the competition, leading to…

Round 2, where the remaining three are given 2 hours, a genre and a location where they have to create a character to reside in it. After everyone has been appropriately judged, the final two go head-to-head where they have to create tv show inspired character incorporating some of the parts supplied within 2 hours. Then at the end, the winner gets the $10k.

The competition is pretty much the make up artist equivalent of Cosplay Melee.


When Nature Calls (Nat Geo Wild)


When Nature Calls (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 21st August

A show that follows four teams of animal rescue workers as they go to call outs retrieving wild animals from folks properties. Along with catching the offending critters or apex predators and releasing them in the wild, they also help on trying to prevent the animals from returning.

The show itself is a more animal centric version of programmes like Lone Star Law, and is a pretty repetitive watch.


The New Age of Terror (History)


The New Age of Terror (History) – Premieres 20th August – Miniseries

Two part documentary that looks into how modern terrorism groups formed and evolved since the 9/11 attack. In it the show has interviews from former military types, historians and local experts as they explain how the War on Terrorism has effected the approaches of the various groups and in some ways escalated their rise.

As a documentary a lot of its subject matter it shows has already been covered and explained in similar documentaries, and recovering of this makes it a grind to get through.