The Mist (Spike)


The Mist (Spike) – Premieres 22nd June – Cancelled

TV series of the Stephen King book/film, where a soldier suffering from amnesia wakes in a forest to discover that the approaching mist leads to people getting killed if they enter it. As the soldier flees to the nearest town to inform the locals, they treat him to the confines of a police cell believing he’s mad.

While this is going on it switches focus to the Copeland family where the mother Eve has just been sacked from her teaching job, and her reporter husband Kevin is going against her wishes in allowing their daughter to head off to a party hosted by the school quarterback Jay.

This ends up with the daughter Alex going down to the party with her friend Adrian, where after having a few drinks gets drugged and raped. After informing the police chief that his son sexually assaulted their daughter, the town believe the rumours that it never happened and take great joy in calling Alex a slut in public.

As this is occuring the mist begins to cover the town leaving Eve and Alex stranded in a shopping mall where Jay is also at, along with some undercover military personnel that appear to know what the mist is. And Kevin after breaking out the prisoners in the police station is holed up in the local church with the police chief and a couple of locals.

The show itself impressively boring to watch, while everything about it seems poorly made from the writing to acting, and the pacing is almost non-existent. It’s not good, to the point it makes Under The Dome look well made.



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