The Bold Type (Freeform)


The Bold Type (Freeform) – Premieres 20th June – Renewed

A teen drama that follows three friends, Jane, Kat and Sutton who work at a fashion magazine as they go about trying to keep their private and work lives separate.

In the first ep Jane has just become promoted to a writer where in trying to pitch ideas to the editor talks herself into to writing an article about stalking her ex without using social media. While Kat who in the social media department, tries to save a story about a middle eastern lesbian artist, and ends up trying to help her get released from her home country after a dildo smuggling to get her onside goes awry. And Sutton who is working as an assistant, gets found out by her friends that she is having a relationship with one of the magazines executives.

It’s the typically fluffy type of drama you usually get on Freeform, where if you’re not a teenager it’s some of the more tedious bit of viewing you’re likely to watch.



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