GLOW (Netflix)


GLOW (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd June – Renewed

A comedy drama that follows Ruth, an out of work actress who is desperate to get a meaningful role that doesn’t involve playing a secretary to a businessman, and ends up performing in a televised womens wrestling league.

After accosting an agent in the womens toilets, she is given an audition for a new promotion being created by a former B movie director Sam Sylvia. When she turns up Ruth finds out the the gig is to be part of a new wrestling promotion called Glow (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling).

After being booted from the audition for trying to introduce a backstory to her character and acting out a scene in the ring, she then turns up only to have her best friend throw down with her after she discovered that Ruth is sleeping with her husband.

For an opening ep its ok, though surprisingly light on any comedic elements given the premise.



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