Date My Dad (UP)


Date My Dad (UP) – Premieres 2nd June

Comedy drama that follows Ricky Cooper, a former baseball player and widowed father of three. It begins on Rickys 40th birthday where his children have decided that after three years since his wife passed, it’s time for him to start dating.

The thought of this and after finding out his mother-in-law is moving out, leads  to Ricky seeing visions of his dead wife who also encourages him to move on. While he debates whether to or not to, his daughters then put a plan into action to help him out by getting the details of every single woman together to get him back in the game.

As a comedy drama, there’s not that much comedy in it and what there is mainly jars agains the the over-sentimental set up of the programme. It’s all a bit meh in it delivery.



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