American Boyband (Viceland)


American Boyband (Viceland) – Premieres 8th June

A show that follows rapper, self professed outsider and youtube artist Kevin Abstract as he goes about his first tour in the bid to become better known around the country.

It starts off with Kevin explaining how he put together his Brockhampton collective, a group of like minded individuals who create the music, videos and infrastructure for the tracks to be produced, by posting up an ad on a message board that has led to them all living together.

The show then moves on to following the group as they set off on their first tour where along with the mundanity of travelling and loading up at the venue, show bits of the set and the fans meeting up with Abstract after the show.

As a programme that’s following a group on tour it manages to show the between gig tedium that goes on while touring, though not to the Lightning Bolt – Power of Salad & Milkshakes levels, along with Abstract explaining why he doing all of this. For what it is, it’s a nice bit of easy watching.



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