Still Star-Crossed (ABC)


Still Star-Crossed (ABC) – Premieres 29th May – Cancelled

A romantic drama that’s based on the book which answers the question that few have asked, what happened after the end of Romeo and Juliet? And it’s answered in the most confusing nonsensical way possible.

After going through the setup of the two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, being at war with each other and the whole Romeo and Juliet situation being played through. It then sets up the storyline where after the families continue their feud, the Prince of Verona passes down the royal decree to end the fighting where one of Juliets cousins Rosaline, is to marry one of Romeos cousins. Neither of which are thrilled by the proposition.

As Rosaline protests the plan with the Prince they end up getting together as Romeos cousin watches on, and a weird love triangle is formed. And a needlessly confusing and boring programme is born.

It is to Shakespeare what Reign was to the life and times of Mary Queen of Scots. It is really, really crap.



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