Cyrus Vs Cyrus: Design And Conquer (Bravo)


Cyrus Vs Cyrus: Design And Conquer (Bravo) – Premieres 25th May

Featuring two of the lesser known members of the Cyrus family, mother Tish and daughter Brandi, who moonlight in Nashville as interior designers.

In the show the turn up to a clients home and give separate pitches to the homeowners, on what they want to do within the budget given. The owners then give their verdict if the want to go solely with one of the proposals or a mix of the two, and then the pair get to work remodelling the rooms.

It then follows the usual home renovation setup, but with less building and more buying in and refurbishing furniture. Then at the end the owners are shown their remodelled rooms and there is much rejoicing.

It’s a pretty bland bit of viewing.



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