Love Connection (Fox)


Love Connection (FOX) – Premieres 25th May – Renewed

A reboot of the 1980’s US show, where a singleton is matched up with three people to go on a date with. It begins with the showing of the three video profiles of the upcoming dates and the studio audience are then asked to vote on who they believe is the most compatible.

After the video profiles are shown, the singleton is asked about the dates they went on with the three while chatting to their dates via a video wall about how their evenings went. When that section is concluded, the singleton then gets to pick which one of the three they want to go on another date with.

When the persons date selection is then revealed they are told that if their selection matches what the audience picked they’ll get an additional $10k to take home, but if the pick is different then they can either stick with the person they selected or go with the date the audience selected and take the money. And when that’s done they get a new person in and do it all again.

All-in-all it’s a run of the mlll dating game show.



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