Beat Shazam (Fox)


Beat Shazam (Fox) – Premieres 25th May – Renewed

Music based game show hosted by Jamie Foxx where three teams of two go through three rounds of music quizzery in the chance of winning up to $1million.

In the first round the teams go through three categories where they have to recognise a song in the quickest time to get the cash linked to the tune. After the categories have been completed the team with the lowest score is eliminated.

In the second round the remaining two teams have their current cash total carried over, and they continue through another three categories with increasing prize pots. At the end of that round the winning team goes through to the final round, and the losers, while being eliminated, get to keep half the cash total they earned.

The final round see the remaining team go up against Shazam, where they have 5 songs to recognise, and each correct answer gets the and additional $25k. After the five songs they are offered the chance to go for a 6th song, where if they get it right it doubles their total (or if they’ve answered all five correctly gives them the chance to win the $1million), and if they answer incorrectly halves their prize.

For a music quiz it isn’t that dissimilar to Tracks, apart from this is offering a far greater cash prize. It’s an easy enough bit of TV to sit through.



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