Great Food Truck Rally (Food Network)


Great Food Truck Rally (Food Network) – Premieres 20th May

A cooking competition where three teams of wannabe food truck owners go against each other in the bid to win $10k to put towards their startup truck.

The competition is broken into two rounds, in the first the three teams are given their own food truck to designs they supplied and they are given 24 hours, from midday to midday, to earn as much as they can. To start them off they are each given $350 for them to buy their food for the competition.

After going to various itches during the first day, the teams are given an additional challenge to incorporate an additional dish to their menu, then with an hour to go the teams have to met at a selected spot where they go against each other. At the end of the 24 hours the team that has earned the least amount of cash is eliminated.

In the final round the remaining two teams have to include a breakfast dish to their menu, and the first team to make $200 in sales and reach the meeting spot win the grand prize.

While it’s reminiscent of Food Truck Face Off, for a cooking competition it’s not too bad a watch.



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