The Keepers (Netflix)


The Keepers (Netflix) – Premieres 19th May

Crime documentary which looks into the 1969 unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun who worked as a teacher in a Catholic all girls school in Baltimore. Where two of her former students, along with a reporter who covered the case at the time, try to find out what happened.

The first episode is used to go into setting the scene of the documentary, where it covers the history of the school the sister worked at, showing how the murder was covered in the press, and how the body was discovered. Along with briefly covering another murder that happened five days later with a young girl in the area in similar circumstances. As it goes through the history of the case there’s are interviews with former students, clergy who knew the sister and former police who worked the case who give their of what they thought happened.

For an opening episode it has more in common with the documentary Paradise Lost than Making A Murderer, and with it only revealing the next lead at the very end of the episode gives it a slow paced vibe. That said it’s worth watching.



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