American Epic (PBS)


American Epic (PBS) – Premieres 16th May

Music documentary which looks at the artists discovered in the 1920’s where after the rising popularity of radio, record companies went around the US to find new acts to sign so to appeal to the less affluent portion of the population who had previously been ignored by them.

In it it shows how the creation of a portable-ish vinyl recording system allowed the companies to visit a town and set up shop for a couple of days where they held open sessions. From that the programme looks at a couple of the artists discovered in that time, showing how their style was reflected in where they were from and how their music had an effect on current music.

Using some stock footage and playing a few of the tracks that were recorded the show interviews musicians, record exec types and the artists family members and friends to explain the importance of that period in time.

For anyone interesting in the history of modern music it’s an interesting watch.



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