The Son (AMC)


The Son (AMC) – Premieres 8th April – Renewed

Set in southern text during the early 1900’s this is a drama that follows Eli McCullough as he sets about trying to convert his cattle ranch into an oil field while trying to attract investors to buy into his plans.

Along with showing how that Elis plans are going against the wishes of his son who is running the cattle part of the business and members of the neighbouring ranch who are trying to sabotage the oil pumps, it flashes back to Elis early years.

During of which it shows how after witnessing a local Comanche tribe massacre his family, Eli and his brother Martin flee the area only to be caught by the Comanche were before being killed, Martin blames Eli for the family deaths.

Even for a AMC show this is a very slow paced affair, where nothing of any note occurs and not really offering anything with the story to make you want to continue watching.



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