Road Hauks (History)


Road Hauks (History) – Premieres 8th April

Along the same lines as Diesel Brothers, Road Hauks follows Kenny Hauk, owner of Hawk Designs as he produces one-of-a-kind custom off road vehicles that are influenced by American history.

Kenny goes about building his vehicle by coming up with an idea on two things to merge together then setting off on creating the thing and hoping that he can sell it on when it’s completed.

It’s a pretty much of the mill show that has the usual tropes of the staff messing about before the build then knuckling down to the job at hand, last minute hitches occurring during the build, and the staple normal job that comes in that they need to help pay the bills. And after all that then Kenny manages to find a buyer for the offroader he’s created.

It doesn’t offer anything that really separates itself from what’s already out there.



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