Return Of The Mac (Pop)


Return Of The Mac (Pop) – Premieres 12th April

Comedy where former member of New Kids On The Block Joey McIntyre and his bumbling agent are trying achieve his goal in becoming a legitimate actor.

After purchasing the rights of a detective novel series, Joey is adamant that he can sell the idea to adapt them to TV and for him to act the in the main role. While thinking that his agent is pitching the idea to networks he finds out that his agent can only get meet meetings with execs that want him to host a chat show, and that his agent has failed to mention anything about the detective series he wants to pitch.

The comedy is vaguely similar to Nobodies, with it being based on folks struggling to get their passion projects picked up. Though the cameo appearance in Nobodies are actually used to get some jokes this uses them more to pad out the episodes with no real pay offs.



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