Iron Chef Gauntlet (Food Network)


Iron Chef Gauntlet (Food Network) – Premieres 16th April – Renewed

Cooking competition where 7 regular chefs are pitted against each other, where the overall winner has the chance to become an Iron Chef if they can win a three round final against current Iron Chefs.

To find the overall winner the chefs go through the usual weekly knockout format where each week has two rounds. The first round has all the chefs creating a dish that has to use a required ingredient, after the dishes have be made and sampled, the worst performer is put into the elimination round where they face the chef that the round winner nominates.

In the second round the two chefs are given a main ingredient to use where they have to make three dishes featuring it. Their dishes are then tasted by three guest judges, and the loser is eliminated from the competition.

For a cooking competition it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill job.



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