Help My Yelp (Food Network)


Help My Yelp (Food Network) – Premieres 10th April

Similar to Kitchen Nightmares, chef Monti Carlo heads off to a struggling restaurant to see what has been going wrong and help improve it’s recent yelp reviews.

After meeting the owners Monti sets up cameras around the restaurant to monitor what is going on, and brings in a few local yelp reviewers to get feedback on the dishes they serve. After viewing the service and armed with the responses, she tells the owners on how to improve their business along with adding a couple of new dishes to the menu.

With the improvements in the kitchen made, they then monitor another service where a few more yelp reviewers are brought in where the improvements are noted and their scores increased to the owners delight.

It’s pretty much a striped down version of Kitchen Nightmares and Say It To My Face, but without the owners resisting the changes put to them to improve their business.



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