Girlboss (Netflix)


Girlboss (Netflix) – Premieres 21st April – Cancelled

Comedy centered on Sophia, a spoilt rich kid whose problem with any type of authority means she can’t hold down a job. With an impending eviction on the cards, Sophia after a night on the town, gets sacked from her job leading her to have a lovely day out buying a vintage jacket in a charity shop and nicking a rug.

After meeting her dad in a restaurant where she turns down his offer of moving back into the family home, she heads back to hers to view eBay and ponder on her situation. After noticing that the presentation on some of the items on eBay leave a lot to be desired she does an impromptu solo photo shoot with her newly acquired jacket, and marvels at the instant success it has with buyers.

And lo she then decides it’s time to mature.

As comedies go this is pretty much devoid of any jokes and it’s a bit of a chore to get through.



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