Dear White People (Netflix)


Dear White People (Netflix) – Premieres 28th April – Renewed

Satire based on the film of the same name, following the aftermath of the white students of an Ivy League school having a blackface fancy dress party, which the college had banned, to protest Sam and her radio show Dear White People which pointed out the racism happening in the school.

While in a meeting with the black student unions as they try to put a plan together on how to respond, Sams secret boyfriend posts a pick up of her leading to her being shunned by some of the group due to him being white.

Then after being told by one of the college reporters that they found out how the party started, Sam announces on the school radio that she was behind sending out the invites as to highlight the racial problems in the school, much to the joy of the black students.

While as a satire it does more than a good job, but with comedy hitting the mark it’s lacking.



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