Bill Nye Saves The World (Netflix)


Bill Nye Saves The World (Netflix) – Premieres 21st April – Renewed

Focusing on various real world problems this is a science show looking into the cause and effects of current issues. After showing a school level science demonstration to give a brief illustration on the topic, the show then goes into some more depth with on location reports and a round table discussion with people involved in trying to improve the situation.

While the show tries to cover the topic it’s focused on, it never really gets to disproving the current misinformation believed by some, could have been done in the round table segment of the show, and ends up with Bill Nye ranting to a crowd that already agree with him while not doing much to explain why.

For something that sets out to show the science behind certain issues it never really gets past giving brief outlines to the subject matter and at times comes across as a bit preachy.



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