American Gods (Starz)


American Gods (Starz) – Premieres 30th April – Renewed

Fantasy drama that follows a Shadow Moon a conman that’s been released early from prison after the death of his wife who becomes involved in a war between the old and new Gods battling each other in America.

While on the way back to his hometown for her funeral Shadow meets Mr Wednesday, a man who can get the better of Shadows grifts, who offers him a job to be his bodyguard and driver. Shadow after rejecting Wednesdays offer heads off to drive back home but again meets Wednesday and his employee and leprechaun Mad Sweeney, where Wednesday informs Shadow that his friend died with his wife in the accident.

After losing a coin toss Shadow agrees to the job offer, and then is challenged by Sweeney to a fight forthe chance to win a gold coin. Shadow wins, before heading off to his wifes funeral.

On the way back from the graveyard Shadow finds an electronic device that allows him to converse with a shady young’un who’s intent on getting rid of Wednesday. Though when Shadow reveals he can’t and won’t help him, ends up being attacked by a mob and left to hang.

While this is based on the novel of the same name, if you haven’t read it then the first episode is more than a little confusing as nothing is really explained and it just comes across as completely weird, but watchable weird.



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