World Of Dance (NBC)


World Of Dance (NBC) – Premieres 30th May – Renewed

Dance competition where judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez are given the take to find the best dance act in America, where the winner gets $1million.

The dancers are split into three groups, Junior (for the under 18s), Upper (for up to four dancers over 18) & Team (for 5 or more dancers over 18). As they each dance for the judges they qualify for the next round if their performance gets an average score of 80 or over. The scores are calculated by being scored in 5 categories (performance, technique, choreography, creativity and presentation), and each category has the max score of 20.

The show itself is typical of any other talent show that’s on, where they show the acts backstage, they have their acts appraised at the end of the performance, and if there’s any chance of an emotional backstory Disney-esque orchestral music will appear from nowhere.

It’s the usual run-of-the-mill gumpf.



America: Promised Land (History)


America: Promised Land (History) – Premieres 29th May – Miniseries

A documentary the looks into the how the different immigrant groups that have settled in America have been part in creating who the country is today.

It starts off with showing a map of the States which shows where the the immigrant groups are clustered around the country, and then goes through highlight in group. With each group the focus on one pivotal immigrants contribution where in between experts being interviewed they reenact what that person contributed to the society at the time.

As a documentary about the historical roots of the US it is interesting, but with it being an hour and a half long to becomes a bit repetitive in its delivery.


Still Star-Crossed (ABC)


Still Star-Crossed (ABC) – Premieres 29th May – Cancelled

A romantic drama that’s based on the book which answers the question that few have asked, what happened after the end of Romeo and Juliet? And it’s answered in the most confusing nonsensical way possible.

After going through the setup of the two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, being at war with each other and the whole Romeo and Juliet situation being played through. It then sets up the storyline where after the families continue their feud, the Prince of Verona passes down the royal decree to end the fighting where one of Juliets cousins Rosaline, is to marry one of Romeos cousins. Neither of which are thrilled by the proposition.

As Rosaline protests the plan with the Prince they end up getting together as Romeos cousin watches on, and a weird love triangle is formed. And a needlessly confusing and boring programme is born.

It is to Shakespeare what Reign was to the life and times of Mary Queen of Scots. It is really, really crap.


Expedition Mungo (Animal Planet)


Expedition Mungo (Animal Planet) – Premieres 28th May

Renowned adventure camera man Paul “Mungo” Mungeam travels around the world visiting remote place to see if he and his team can catch some of the more mysterious animals on film for the first time.

Like Destination Truth, Mungo picks one of the stranger animals he’s heard about on his travels then gets a team together and heads to the country of the animals origin. There he chats to locals to find any witnesses and possible locations of where the creature has be known to appear.

After finding the most likely location to catch the animal on film, they set up motion activated cameras and head on off on a night hunt in an effort to see it. Where afterwards all the footage is reviewed and Mungo delivers his verdict on the possibility of the creature existing.

For a creature hunting programme similar to the ones Josh Gates makes, it’s not as good as Destination Truth or Expedition Unknown, but it’s worth a viewing.


Cyrus Vs Cyrus: Design And Conquer (Bravo)


Cyrus Vs Cyrus: Design And Conquer (Bravo) – Premieres 25th May

Featuring two of the lesser known members of the Cyrus family, mother Tish and daughter Brandi, who moonlight in Nashville as interior designers.

In the show the turn up to a clients home and give separate pitches to the homeowners, on what they want to do within the budget given. The owners then give their verdict if the want to go solely with one of the proposals or a mix of the two, and then the pair get to work remodelling the rooms.

It then follows the usual home renovation setup, but with less building and more buying in and refurbishing furniture. Then at the end the owners are shown their remodelled rooms and there is much rejoicing.

It’s a pretty bland bit of viewing.


Love Connection (Fox)


Love Connection (FOX) – Premieres 25th May – Renewed

A reboot of the 1980’s US show, where a singleton is matched up with three people to go on a date with. It begins with the showing of the three video profiles of the upcoming dates and the studio audience are then asked to vote on who they believe is the most compatible.

After the video profiles are shown, the singleton is asked about the dates they went on with the three while chatting to their dates via a video wall about how their evenings went. When that section is concluded, the singleton then gets to pick which one of the three they want to go on another date with.

When the persons date selection is then revealed they are told that if their selection matches what the audience picked they’ll get an additional $10k to take home, but if the pick is different then they can either stick with the person they selected or go with the date the audience selected and take the money. And when that’s done they get a new person in and do it all again.

All-in-all it’s a run of the mlll dating game show.


Beat Shazam (Fox)


Beat Shazam (Fox) – Premieres 25th May – Renewed

Music based game show hosted by Jamie Foxx where three teams of two go through three rounds of music quizzery in the chance of winning up to $1million.

In the first round the teams go through three categories where they have to recognise a song in the quickest time to get the cash linked to the tune. After the categories have been completed the team with the lowest score is eliminated.

In the second round the remaining two teams have their current cash total carried over, and they continue through another three categories with increasing prize pots. At the end of that round the winning team goes through to the final round, and the losers, while being eliminated, get to keep half the cash total they earned.

The final round see the remaining team go up against Shazam, where they have 5 songs to recognise, and each correct answer gets the and additional $25k. After the five songs they are offered the chance to go for a 6th song, where if they get it right it doubles their total (or if they’ve answered all five correctly gives them the chance to win the $1million), and if they answer incorrectly halves their prize.

For a music quiz it isn’t that dissimilar to Tracks, apart from this is offering a far greater cash prize. It’s an easy enough bit of TV to sit through.