Snatch (Crackle)


Snatch (Crackle) – Premieres 16th March – Renewed

The second TV version of the Guy Ritchie film after the one and done series of Lock, Stock back in the 90’s. In this, after witnessing his day get arrested by the police as a youngster, the now adult Albert Hill is struggling to get by dealing with the families florist shop sinking in debt while acting as the manager of his friend Billys boxing career.

After getting a call from his dad in prison to get Albert to make Billy take a fall in the upcoming fight, Albert decides to get a much cash as possible between him and his cohort Charlie to bet on Billy to win in the round he’s been asked to lose.

After betting the newly acquired cash, Billy gets eye gouged in the ring and knocked out by a fighter backed by the nightclub owner and general dubious fella Sonny, which leads to his girlfriend to give Albert and the others a heads up that they could get their money back by hijacking his courier van the next day. During the hijacking at the place they picked to do the job, two identical vans arrive at the same time leading them to rob the wrong one and getting them a load of gold bullion instead.

The show itself is has a decent pace about it, there’s nothing that happens which make you want to watch any more of it.



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