Rebel (BET)


Rebel (BET) – Premieres 28th March

Cop based drama, where maverick cop Rebecca “Rebel” Knight goes on a call with her partner, only to find that the suspect is her own brother. After talking her brother into dropping the gun he was holding her partner panics and begins shooting at him. Rebel resolves that problem by shooting her partner in the foot, only for back up to arrive thinking her brother shot the partner, and killed him while he ran.

Rebel is then investigated by Internal Affairs to find out what happened, leaving her on gardening leave from the force being hounded by the press. She then gets a call from a friend to ask her to look into some suspicious behaviour that her husband is showing.

This leads Rebel to investigate both her friend and her husband, finding out the fella has a kid with another woman and her friend is having an affair with a dubious looking sort. Both she can confront them properly, the friends boyfriend murders the husband, leading Rebel to track him down and discover he’s part of a Chechnyan terrorist organisation plotting to somewhere in the States.

After getting the police down to the scene of the bomb production, the gang have cleaned the place out, leading to Rebel quitting the force to become a private detective and to hunt the gang down.

The show while come across as wanting to be a moderately serious drama ends up becoming reminiscent to the 70’s style blaxploitation cop films, where the ridiculous premise is underpinned by occasional funk bass and electric organ.



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