Oasis (Amazon)


Oasis (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot

Sci-fi set in 2032 where due to the worsening environmental status of Earth, the company USIC has began work on a remote planet to create the first permanent off-world colony.

The show is centered on Peter Leigh, a chaplin who is dealing with the recent death of his wife is asked by the head of the colonies operations to move out there to help the community deal with some recent events. When he gets to the planet Leigh finds that the person that asked him to move there has not been seen in weeks, and that no one was aware of his arrival.

After talking to a couple of the workers Leigh discovers that the community have begun experiencing hallucinations, which are leading to fatal accidents that are stopping the progression of the habitation of the planet.

The programme is ever so slightly reminiscent of the film Ghosts of Mars, in both the premise of hallucinations leading to peoples deaths and with the Carpenter-esque soundtrack. For a pilot it’s a good solid opener that reveals enough to make you wanna keep watching while not giving everything away.



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