Jungletown (Viceland)


Jungletown (Viceland) – Premieres 28th March

A reality show document the small community of Kalu Yala, a town in the jungles of Panama formed by a group of young americans trying to build the worlds most self sustainable town.

After the founder of the town goes over the history of the project, It starts off with 30-odd current inhabitants, who have been there a year, preparing the town for the arrival of 80 interns, who will be helping the town goes and become more self sufficient.

The first ep is generally filled with getting the background story of the interns heading to the town, along with showing the current inhabitants struggling to get the water system working.

It’s not that interesting a programme, and with it being about creating a liveable place in the middle of nowhere would draw some comparisons with Hotel Amazon. Though that at least had some interesting characters in it that made you want to watch.



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