Are You The One? Second Chances (MTV)


Are You The One? Second Chances (MTV)  – Premieres 22nd March

A competition that’s a spinoff from the dating game Are You The One, in which 10 couples that have appeared in the original programme go against each other for the chance to win up to $250k.

Initially the couples are each given $20k into their prize fund, then they are set a challenge to complete where the first to complete are given an additional $20k, use of a private suite and are immune from elimination, second place are given $10k, third gets $5k, and the team that finishes late has their prize fund halved and are placed up for elimination.

It then goes into a reality type situation following everyone in the same house have minor arguments and conflicts until the couples are made to nominate one of the remaining teams for the other elimination spot.

At the elimination the couple voted by the other are given a decision whether to steal the prize fund from each other or to continue on. If one of the couple votes steal and the other doesn’t the stealer gets all the cash and the team exit leaving the team that finished last in the challenge to continue in the competition. If they both vote steal the leave with no money and the prize transfers over to the other eliminees prize fund, or if they both decide to continue the other team is eliminated.

As a competition it’s slightly better than Battle Of Ex Besties, but is in no way worth watching.



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