Anne (CBC)


Anne (CBC) – Premieres 19th March – Renewed

A remake of Anne of Green Gables, which highlights the problems with clerical errors that the 19th Century adoption processes was riddled with. The Cuthberts, expecting to find an orphaned boy they requested to help with daily shores has not arrived, but instead a small ginger girl with an overactive imagination and the ability to talk non stop was waiting for them.

After a journeying from the town back to the farm Marilla Cuthbert is adamant that Anne must be sent back the next day, ignoring to the nonstop pleading from the redhead youngster. On the journey back Anne talks her Marilla out of sending her back and the head off home to try and make the best of the situation.

Obviously if you’ve seen any of the previous versions of Anne of Green Gables this is exactly the same, it’s one for those that either liked the story, or have a masochistic urge to listen to an endless amount of dialogue, which has the same effect as listening to fingernails running down a blackboard.



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