13 Reasons Why (Netflix)


13 Reasons Why (Netflix) – Premieres 31st March – Renewed

Drama set in a High School just after student Hannah Baker has committed suicide, it follows Clay Jensen who was friends with Hannah as he and the rest of the school are coming to terms with what happened.

After returning home from school on day Clay sees that a parcel has been left for him containing 7 cassettes, which has Hannah recounting her life in the town leading up to the reason as to why she ended her own life.

As she starts the story Hannah mentions that the person listening has been give the tapes as they are a significant part of the tale, and after listening have to pass it onto the next person, and if they don’t complete listening to them all the person will suffer addition consequences.

Each side of the tapes ends up being one episode to the story, where along with Clay having flashbacks with his time with Hannah also flashback telling the story the Hannah is describing.

It’s a decently paced bit of drama, and worth a watch.



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