The Gorburger Show (Comedy Central)


The Gorburger Show (Comedy Central) – Premieres 9th April – Cancelled

Comedy chat show shenanigans in the same vein as Comedy Bang Bang, where Gorburger an alien that has come to Earth, gatecrashed a Japanese tv show eating most the people onstage, and decided to use the chat show format to learn about humans.

Like Comedy Bang Bang, there are a couple of guest who end up taking part in the weird trains of thought that the blue alien goes through, along with a on location bit with Gorburger dicking about.

It’s a surreal bit of TV which sometimes gets too weird for its own good.



Talk Show The Game Show (TruTV)


Talk Show The Game Show (TruTV) – Premieres 5th April – Renewed

Merging a talk show with a game show, this gets three celebs in who are wanting to plug their latest project and are given a three minute interview and a bonus round each to find out which  of them are the best interviewee.

The celebs are scored by their demeanour and ability to name drop, tell anecdotes and the like, the lowest scorer during the round is eliminated, given a rubbish prize before the two remaining head off to the final round. There they go in a head to head lightning round to give answer comedy answers to question, and the winner gets a silly grand prize.

While it’s better than Adam Corolla And Friends Build Stuff Live, it becomes a grating watch pretty quickly.


Brockmire (IFC)


Brockmire (IFC) – Premieres 5th April – Renewed

Comedy about sports commentator Jim Brockmire, who after having a breakdown while commenting a baseball match in 2007 flees the country for ten years in a drug induced haze before taking a job at a minor team as a play-by-play caller.

When he turns up at the team he begins to realise that his breakdown ten years earlier has become a thing of legend and the first viral video on the internet. After being talked into accept his past by his new employers he see that the team he’ll be play calling are a bunch of misfits that are taking gamesmanship to a new level.

It’s easily one of the better first eps of a comedy, the breakdown itself is more than enough to warrant a watch.


Dr Miami (WETV)


Dr Miami (WETV) – Premieres 31st March

Reality gubbins that follows Dr Miami, a plastic surgeon with a habit of dressing up in fancy dress and live streaming his procedures on Snapchat.

In it two folks who want some cosmetic surgery done head down to a consultation where Dr Miami is there dressed like fancy dress competition gone wrong saying how he’ll perform the work.

After that the client head back and get the work done, where the programme shows the doc at work merrily slicing and altering the body, then it finishes up with the person being pleased as punch with the work down.

It’s similar to other plastic surgery reality shows like Atlanta Plastic or Botched By Nature, but with a doctor that is effortlessly annoying as fuck.


13 Reasons Why (Netflix)


13 Reasons Why (Netflix) – Premieres 31st March – Renewed

Drama set in a High School just after student Hannah Baker has committed suicide, it follows Clay Jensen who was friends with Hannah as he and the rest of the school are coming to terms with what happened.

After returning home from school on day Clay sees that a parcel has been left for him containing 7 cassettes, which has Hannah recounting her life in the town leading up to the reason as to why she ended her own life.

As she starts the story Hannah mentions that the person listening has been give the tapes as they are a significant part of the tale, and after listening have to pass it onto the next person, and if they don’t complete listening to them all the person will suffer addition consequences.

Each side of the tapes ends up being one episode to the story, where along with Clay having flashbacks with his time with Hannah also flashback telling the story the Hannah is describing.

It’s a decently paced bit of drama, and worth a watch.


Nobodies (TV Land)


Nobodies (TV Land) – Premieres 29th March

Comedy about three improv comedians who have become tired of their job writing for a kids cartoon, try to pitch their movie script to film companies while having no idea in how it do it.

As they get meetings with film execs, to keep them interested begin saying that big name comedians have agreed to work on the project leading them to met up with the people they mentioned only to royally balls up any chance to get to work with them.

For an opening ep it’s a decent enough start, where the cameo appearances fit into the setup and jokes instead of doing the current Simpsons-esque technique of getting them in for the sake of having a known name appear.


The Deed: Chicago (CNBC)


The Deed: Chicago (CNBC) – Premieres 29th March – Renewed

Possibly setting a spinoff show record with a mere 28 days separating the launch of the original show to this spinoff, The Deed: Chicago follows real estate honcho Sean Conlon as he helps out folks who have run into financial trouble leading to the construction job in jeopardy.

Conlon meets up with the person behind the development, then comes up with a deal that will get the building finished and teaching the developer on how to correct the mistakes they made and how to avoid them in future.

It’s literally identical to The Deed, so if you like that then this is more of the same.