Trial & Error (NBC)


Trial & Error (NBC) – Premieres 14th March – Renewed

A mockumentary comedy in the same vein as The Office and Parks & Recreations. Set in a small town in South Carolina, Larry Henderson has been arrested for murdering his wife. To help, his brother-in-law hires a New York lawyer to defend him only to get Josh, a junior lawyer who’s sent down to prep for the case.

After meeting up with his defence team of bumbling associates new evidence in the case leads to Larrys brother-in-law switching his support to the prosecution. Josh, believing that Larry is innocent then decides to work the case for free believing he can get Larry not guilty verdict.

It’s a solid opening ep, and is very similar in feel to Parks & Rec with its humour. So if you enjoy that style of comedy, then this is well worth a watch.



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