Bringing Up Ballers (Lifetime)


Bringing Up Ballers (Lifetime) – Premieres 1st March

Reality gubbins which follows five mothers of teenage basketball players as they try to get the best for their kids, in way of training and what schools are interested in them, as they approach moving onto College in the hope they’ll do well and become NBA players.

After briefly talking about their offspring it leaps into the standard reality show deal where along with the talking head interviews which descends into them criticising each other, their kids coaches and whatever else there is to whinge about. They also get to meet up where they passively aggressively chat to each other, attend basketball games where they become caricatures of pushy parents and generally come across as hideous people.

It’s just like the rubbish The Real Housewives type shows but is tenuously linked to basketball. Avoid.



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