When We Rise (ABC)


When We Rise (ABC) – Premieres 27th February – Miniseries

Drama set in the 70’s following the formation of the LGBT movement in San Francisco and it’s reach across the US. It follows three main characters;

Cleve Jones an 18 year old who after revealing to his parents that he’s gay moves to San Francisco in the hope to find a more accepting community and to dodge his psychiatrist fathers plan to electroshock the gay out of him.

Roma Guy a young woman who after returning from a US Peace Corps Camp in Togo heads off to Boston to join the National Organisation for Women where she decides to move to the San Fran office. There she meets a couple from the San Francisco Womens Centre which she joins up with and helps organise protests and start the formation of a LGBT movement.

Ken Jones a sailor operating just off of Vietnam where after a bombing mission leads to his partner dying is relocated to the Treasure Island Naval Base to reform officers with racist tendencies. There he then gets involved with the more liberal nightlife of the area.

The show itself is a rather clunky affair where it comes across more like a History channel docudrama mixing up archive footage alongside the scripted stuff. With it flitting between the three protagonists it goes along at a painfully slow pace, with dialogue that a times sounds like they’re reading out a wikipedia entry. All-in-all it’s a very dry watch.



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