The Pop Game (Lifetime)


The Pop Game (Lifetime) – Premieres 21st February

A talent competition that’s a spinoff from The Rap Game, in this iteration the famed record producer Timbaland has selected 5 teenagers who are popular on Youtube to go head-to-head over 10 weeks, where the winner has the chance of getting a record deal.

In each ep the 5 kids are put through a couple of challenges set by Timbaland to show off their versatility and to see what their limits are. Each round is then judge by Timbaland and a celebrity judge where by the end of the episode the five a placed on a leaderboard, where the top three are given a pat on the back, and the bottom two are told to buck their ideas up. All of which doesn’t really seem to have any immediate effect on the competition.

As it’s a straight copy of The Rap Game it offers nothing new except the genre of music being performed, and the competition itself is pretty mundane.



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