The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC)


The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC) – Premieres 23rd February – Cancelled

Spinoff of The Blacklist where after finding out that his father, Howard Hargrave, has died in a plane crash, Tom Keen heads off to New York to meet with the solicitors about his estate. When he arrives Tom discovers that Howard has faked his death and suspects that Toms mother, Scottie, was behind on the attempt on his life to gain control their private military company Halcyon Aegis.

Howard then asks Tom to go undercover at Halcyon Aegis to find out what he can on Scottie, while performing Blacklist style missions to rescues spies and the like who are in a spot of bother.

Unsurprisingly this is more than a little similar to The Blacklist, though the rescue mission is played out like a setup from Oceans 11, and is in general a bit more fast paced and entertaining.

If you like The Blacklist then this is literally more of the same.



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