The Arrangement (E!)


The Arrangement (E!) – Premieres 5th March – Renewed

Drama Megan Morrison a struggling actress gets the her change to audition for a film starring opposite Kyle West, an action star that has recently been jilted at the alter and is part of the Institute of the Higher Mind. An organisation that bears a resemblance to Scientology, and where its leader Terrence Anderson is looking for the right future partner for West.

After dismissing Megan on her audition tape, Anderson is talked into calling her back for a reading by his assistant. At the call back Kyle becomes enamoured by Megan taking her for a jaunt to Mexico where after, her agent gets in contact saying she’s been offered a $10million marriage contract and a deadline for her to accept.

For a drama made by E! it’s far better than initially expected, though there’s not much to it that would makes you want to watch any more.



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