Taken (NBC)


Taken (NBC) – Premieres 27th February – Renewed

A TV show that isn’t a reworking of the original film, but the origin story of Bryan Mills. It starts off with Bryan witnessing his younger sister being murdered while on a train as they visit their parents, a hit called by a Columbian cartel boss to avenge his sons death at the hands of Mills.

As the reasons of the death are covered up to the media, a specialist CIA group put tabs on Mills as he beings to hunt down the cartel boss in hope they can capture and interrogate him, while using Mills as bait.

What follows is a lot of gun fights, a wee bit of double crossing and Mills being constantly miffed that his sister is dead. At the point where Bryan finally manages to get a gun point at the boss during the CIA raid of where he is being held captive, the CIA team shoot him to protect their asset. After which when Mills is recuperating in hospital he is offered the change to join the CIA group, and possibility to learn a very particular set of skills.

For an opening episode the whole story felt very rushed, forcing into the end offer where it can become a hostage of the week type deal which ended up making it quite forgettable. For something in the action genre, there have better more enjoyable shows.



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