Sun Records (CMT)


Sun Records (CMT) – Premieres 23rd February – Cancelled

Drama about the formation of record label Sun Records. Sam Philips has arrived in Memphis from Nashville to open a recording studio with the aim of finding some original artists to record that are different from the usual country music being played at the time.

Inbetween Sam is setting up the studio, it also follows Elvis Presley as he starts turning up to a church in the wrong part of town to listen to the gospel choir, leaving him to be shunned by fellow white folk. And Johnny Cash who is tried of working on the family farm that is slowly becoming a barren wasteland, and announces that he’s enlisted to the airforce in a bid to get out of town.

The first ep wraps up with the local radio DJ hooking up Sam with the chance to record BB King for a label exec visiting town, which leads Sam to hunt out a local artist to record and to show the record exec in a bid to start up his own his own label.

For an opening episode it’s not too bad, if a bit slow going. Though it would definitely be of more interest to anyone who like that era of music.



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