Stranded With A Million Dollars (MTV)


Stranded With A Million Dollars (MTV) – Premieres 21st February

A reality survival competition where 10 folks are placed on a deserted island supplied with nothing but the clothes on their back, and are challenged to survive for 40 days where the people left will split $1million between them.

The cash $1million is divided into $100k bundles, that are placed in 10 separate locations, and they can only collected if the group get to each drop point within a certain timeframe, but if they get there late they forfeit that $100k. In an additional twist the survivalists can purchase tools, equipment and food using the cash, but the have to an exorbitant price increase where a can of coke is valued at $1,000.

As the competition goes on one person in the group is selected to take part in a “temptation”, where they select someone to go with them and are offered a basic meal at a cost of $5k or a deluxe version costing $15k. The can either pass on the offer or select a meal and choose whether to let the rest of the group know they’ve spent money without consulting them.

The show is like a mix between the old channel 4 show Shipwrecked and a version of Naked and Afraid where no one has any survival skills. Though with the amount os additional twist it has along with the survival aspect becomes all a bit muddled in what it wants to be and becomes a chore to watch.



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