Mama June From Not To Hot (WETV)


Mama June From Not To Hot (WETV) – Premieres 24th February – Renewed

When S01E01 Watch started there was a decision made to not review anything shown on TLC due to it being filled with shite over scripted reality bollocks such as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  Imagine the joy when after the open seconds it’s revealed that Mama June is the mother of Honey Boo Boo, they’ve switched channels and are now polluting unsuspecting eyes with their utter drivel.

So, this is set after Mama June has split with some chap called Sugar Bear, and purchased a house that doesn’t look like a shack. All the while doing the single mother type thing. After dropping off the youngest kid the Mr Bear reveals he’s getting wed, so June decides to lose a shitload of weight and go to the wedding to show him what he’s missing *click fingers in a sassy manner*.

What follows is one attempt of exercising, a fella legging it from a date with her, and then her manager arranging a meeting with a doctor to perform some weight loss surgery. All of it linked seemlessly together with some footage where it looks like June is wearing a fat suit, and with a bit of after show reading it seems that she was.

Even for a scripted reality this is unbearable shit.



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