Doubt (CBS)


Doubt (CBS) – Premieres 15th February  Cancelled

Legal drama the centres on Sadie Ellis, a talented defence attorney who has been working on clearing her client, a pediatric surgeon who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend 24 years ago.

As she works on the case her boss and mentor becomes worried that she is developing feeling for her client and goes into vague detail of how he went through similar circumstances which had a knock on effect on his life.

While this is going on there’s is the usual case of the week side plot, where one of the lawyers have a case they are finding difficult to crack but mange to get the win in the nick of time.

The show doesn’t seem to have any cohesiveness to it, where it’s trying to mix a moderately serious legal drama in with an overly quirky Ally McBeal angle, and in the end it fails at both.



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