Bellevue (CBC)


Bellevue (CBC) – Premieres 20th February – Cancelled

Crime drama set in a small Canadian town where after breaking a few rules in a drugs bust Detective Annie Ryder begins work of the case of the disappearance of the towns teenage hockey star.

Suspecting that a peadophile that has recently moved to the area could be involved she confronts him only of him to hand her a note that is similar to the ones she began receiving as a child after her father died.

After solving the riddle that was in the note, it leads Annie to an abandond church which that appears to be set up by the killer taunting to find the kid.

The show has a weird feel to it, as it has the occasional quirkiness of Twin Peaks in places, while merging it with the standard The Killing-esque crime drama vibe. Though while the first ep might not be the most consistent of openers there’s enough there to warrant giving another look.



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