Battle Of Ex Besties (Oxygen)


Battle Of The Ex-Besties (Oxygen) – Premieres 14th February – Cancelled

Due to Oxygen deciding to change it’s programming output to solely crime based shows, Battle Of The Ex-Besties is having it’s first and last series on the channel.

The show itself is a competition where 10 teams of two are comprised of former best friends that are teamed up together in the bid to win $100k that will be split between them. Along with all the teams living in the same building during the duration of the show, it does the usual competition setup where teams are set a challenge where they have to work together and the team that finished last is eliminated.

Though in this competition with the team that finishes last are given a final chance to continue playing, but only if they agree that they’d be playing for a $50k prize.

It’s a pretty tiresome show to watch, where the producers only cooked up the competition side to try and get the ex-friends to go at each other some more.



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