Legion (FX)


Legion (FX) – Premieres 8th February – Renewed

Set in the X-Men universe it’s centered on David Haller, who while in a psychiatric hospital it lead to believe he has schizophrenia. After meeting a new impatient Syd, her disappearance leads to him being picked up a government agency and begins to learn that he’s in fact a mutant. Not only that, he’s the most powerful mutant to exist.

While being interrogated he’s recounting of events leads the story to flit between what actually happened, false memories and him going into dream like periods where he can talk to other communicating to him.

During one of his subsconious chats to Syd, she lets him know that her and the group she is with are going to break him out, leading him to escape to meet her boss Ms Bird, who reveals that he has mutant powers and her team need his help in their war against the government.

The show itself unsurprisingly jumps around a fair bit, similar to the film 12 Monkeys, where you’re never 100% as to what is going on as David struggles to work out what’s real or not. Though that said It’s a solid opener.



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