Imposters (Bravo)


Imposters (Bravo) – Premieres 7th February – Renewed

A black comedy about a grifter called Maddie who in partnership with her two cohorts are given a mark to target, and marries them for the con. After which she clears out the bank accounts and leaves them with a web link to a video telling them not to search for her, which includes a dossier of blackmailing evidence to stop them from hunting her down.   

Her latest mark Ezra takes the reveal badly to the point after working out that she Maddie working in a team of three, decided to attempt to takes his own life. Just as he’s about to go through with it, another of Maddies exes turns up at his house and together start to look for her.

It’s a pretty clunky first ep, especially where anything comedy related sticks out like a sore thumb with it laboured deliveries. There’s not that much that goes on to give any reason to keep watching.



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