Training Day (CBS)


Training Day (CBS) – Premieres 2nd February – Cancelled

A series set 15 years after the film of the same name, a rookie cop Kyle Craig is placed within the Special Investigation Section with the orders to report back to his superiors if there’s any shady goings on.

The SIS is being run by the morally suspect Detective Roarke, who believes that the police should keep the status quo of the criminal aspect of the city, due to his belief that the it’s a losing battle to try to rid LA of all of them. Leading him to take some morally dubious decisions while resolving a power struggle between two warring drug gangs.

As Roarkes plan is being played out amid a plethora of explosions he reveals to Craig that he work with his father and that he died in suspiscious circumstances. This ends up leaving Craig to decide that he is gonna try change Roarkes ways while using him to find his fathers killer.

Its a generic cop based action show where the dialogue at times is comedically cliché heavy, and it’s at best something to waste 45 minutes watching while never needing to pay full attention to what’s going on.



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