Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)


Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) – Premieres 3rd February – Renewed

Undead comedy shenanigans about husband and wife estate agents, Joel and Sheila Hammond. While showing a couple around a property Sheila begins a Exorcist-eque vomiting session, that not only loses their clients to the companies newly hired agent, leads to Sheila dying and coming back as a zombie.

As they come to terms with Sheilas with newly found flesh craving situation it changes her to become more spontaneous, leading to the new estate agent thinking he has a chance with her, and ending up with him being her first kill. Much to Joels disappointment.

For a first ep there’s very little in the way of comedy which isn’t helped by the way everyone seems to be hamming it up, and that it takes an age for the story to actually get going.



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