Killing Bigfoot (Destination America)


Killing Bigfoot (Destination America) – Premieres 4th February

A show that follows the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organisation (GCBRO), a team of Bigfoot hunters who go about trying to help folk in Louisiana who believe the are being harassed by Sasquatch. To help them out they do preliminary searches of the area to find any evidence of activity, then set up night time missions where they hope to find and kill the offending Bigfoot.

The GCBRO are also not on the best of terms with other members of the Bigfoot hunting community who believe that they should stop they shoot to kill approach they insist upon. To the point where the head of the organisation makes the statement that for scientific research they need to bring in a dead Sasquatch, and they are a potential menace to the community.

It’s ultimately a silly programme following a group of rednecks into woodlands where they use semi automatic guns with almost reckless abandon while obviously not really knowing what they’re doing.

It makes $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty look like the pinnacle of scientific research.



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