Mary Kills People (Global)


Mary Kills People (Global) – Premieres 25th January – Renewed

Drama following Dr Mary Harris, an ER doctor, single mother and part of a duo that illegally euthanises terminally ill folks for a price. It kicks off with Harris and her partner, a former plastic surgeon and recovering drug enthusiast, setting up a drink and drugs cocktail for a patient. Only to find out the drugs have ben watered down, leading to Harris having to improvise with a pillow as the condemneds wife turns up at the house.

As a result of their last job Mary insists her partner go back to their drug supplier to a non-tampered batch of their death juice, while a nurse at her hospital puts forward two possible future clients to the doc.

As this is going on, there’s the side story of the dangers of keeping drugs poorly hidden as her daughter takes her girlfriend to shed where the docs euthanasia kit is kept leading to the girlfriend to swipe a veil somehow thinking its booze, leading to her almost overdosing at a ballet recital.

After making sure the girlfriend has recovered and making her promise not to knock back any medical supplies she comes across, the doc goes to meet up with her next client, leading to a sexual fumble, and then as she leaves it’s revealed he’s an undercover cop in a sting operation to catch the doc in action.

It’s a lightweight drama that doesn’t really offer anything to make that invested in the story, though it’s watchable enough to waste 45 minutes if nowt else is on.



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